This is as reasonable as anything else I’ve read lately. Thanks for taking the time to respond so carefully to my thoughts. My Series rant was based on a momentary frustration many months ago. Some of it I still agree with; some of it I don’t. I think the frustration with VCs is still relevant: I don’t suggest regulating them or asking them to make bad investments, but I do think they’re missing opportunities for true innovation by chasing fast returns.

But I’ve also come around to your other point: that giving money to more and more publishers only further dilutes a totally saturated market. This is one of the reasons Latterly has failed: Who has the time or the shits for another random publication? I’m content to publish our quarterly edition and break even and not hope for much more.

Here’s something extra depressing: I’ve also come around to the idea of practicing journalism as a hobby. As somebody who went to j-school, who’s worked for metro dailies and who’s freelanced for major international publications, I would never have said this a few years ago. But the industry isn’t what it was a few years ago. At this point in my career and my life, I’d rather report whatever interests me and publish it for whoever’s interested than deal with the daily dysfunction of most media organizations.

You know what I’d kind of like to do? Move to a small town in the U.S. and start a community newsletter or write for the neighborhood weekly. I feel like that’s where I could have the most impact and try the most innovation.

I’m sorry I didn’t answer your questions… :( But anyway this is what I’ve been thinking about lately. Thanks again for the write-up. It’s cool that what I wrote was interesting to somebody.